Vectorization of gridded urban land use data

Chris Sexton, Benjamin Watson
2010 Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Procedural Content Generation in Games - PCGames '10  
SEXTON, CHRISTOPHER. Vectorization of Gridded Urban Land Use Data. (Under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Watson.) In the digital entertainment industry, cities are one of the largest artifacts modeled by artists. One alternative to modeling an entire city by hand is to use an urban simulation. Often, those simulations use a gridded terrain representation. Translating gridded simulation results into a more continuous, realistic representation can often be difficult. Our vectorization process
more » ... zation process transforms gridded urban land use data into a representation that mimics what might be seen in GIS or online mapping tools. Our method consists of three major phases. In the first phase, the raster data is is analyzed and the transportation layer is abstracted and filtered. Next, the city blocks are constructed from the raster data. Third, the blocks are subdivided and land use and density are assigned to each constructed parcel. The result is scored and compared with the output from the simulation to match location, sizes, and proportions.
doi:10.1145/1814256.1814261 fatcat:43ir6hghrngyjizlzyivgo3afi