Context-Aware Music Recommender Systems for Groups: A Comparative Study

Adrián Valera, Álvaro Lozano Murciego, María N. Moreno-García
2021 Information  
Nowadays, recommender systems are present in multiple application domains, such as e-commerce, digital libraries, music streaming services, etc. In the music domain, these systems are especially useful, since users often like to listen to new songs and discover new bands. At the same time, group music consumption has proliferated in this domain, not just physically, as in the past, but virtually in rooms or messaging groups created for specific purposes, such as studying, training, or meeting
more » ... iends. Single-user recommender systems are no longer valid in this situation, and group recommender systems are needed to recommend music to groups of users, taking into account their individual preferences and the context of the group (when listening to music). In this paper, a group recommender system in the music domain is proposed, and an extensive comparative study is conducted, involving different collaborative filtering algorithms and aggregation methods.
doi:10.3390/info12120506 fatcat:lqpdktilz5ffdpsfj7cs2wgary