Utilization the agro-wastes for bioethanol production

Sodaf Maean, abdelwahab abdelhafez, Enas Hassan
2022 Arab Universities Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Four agro-wastes were evaluated as substrates for bioethanol production. Seven of the pioneer isolates in the production of cellulase, xylanase and laccase enzymes were selected for soluble sugar and bioethanol production. The highest level of soluble sugar was produced on sugar beet pulp followed by corn cobs. The experimental design included as well using soybean okara and sesame husk as nitrogen sources add to the production medium. Extraordinary soluble sugar yields were obtained on sugar
more » ... et pulp or corn cobs in combination with soybean okara or sesame husk at the concentration of (0.3%) of either. Different concentrations of corn cobs or sugar beet (5, 10, 15, g/100 m medium) were mixed with optimal concentrations of nitrogen sources. Results showed that 10 g of sugar beet or corn cobs achieved the highest soluble sugar yield. The efficiency of four strains of S. cerevisiae for bioethanol production was investigated, S.cerevisiae (AUMC 14720) recorded the highest level of bioethanol on fermentable fungal broth after four days at 30°C.
doi:10.21608/ajs.2022.114247.1449 fatcat:6qgb2dlexffcnflke4kmcr2cie