The Role of ICT in Development Sustainability

2011 مجلة الجمعیة المصریة لنظم المعلومات وتکنولوجیا الحاسبات  
Global development has been unequal, even though the trends in human development are generally positive. We live, nowadays, in a divided world: between rich and poor, healthy and sick, literate and ignorant "illiterate", democratic and authoritarian, as well as between empowered and deprived. All the technologies that human being developed in the past centuries and all policies enacted for enhancing human development have not wiped out these disparities up to now. Numerous organizations,
more » ... ental and nongovernmental, international and local are working to remove the glaring disparities in development. Some of their efforts are already showing some results. The poverty rate for example based on the real income level has been declined from its percentage in the last two decades, also infant mortality due in large part to water borne diseases and poor hygiene has fallen. Therefore, it is unnecessary to emphasize that much more needs to be done in all areas of development sustainability, specific in some areas in Egypt for example as the rural and desert areas as well as the urban slum areas.
doi:10.21608/jstc.2011.120228 fatcat:gzowvjqkmfcixlcwpfwdocwkpa