Automatic Potholes and Humps Detection and Alerting through SMS

Now a days we face such a lot of problems associated with road. To avoid this problem many methods has implemented but still problem is not fixed. In past days manual methods are used for inspection of road but due to traffic manual method does not work properly. Also manual method takes lot of time and still gives wrong output. To resolve all this problems we used this advanced techniques to detects the condition of road. Automatic detection of potholes and humps is used for sending the alert
more » ... o government authority for maintenance of road. To find out the poor condition of roads such as potholes and unequal elevation to avoid accidents and damage of vehicles this projects is very much useful. Here, Ultrasonic sensors are used to analyze and calculate the depth and height of potholes as well as humps. Ultrasonic sensors uses ultrasonic waves to find out the distance between sensor and target object. To find out correct geographical position coordinates of the potholes and irregular humps we will be using the receiver of GPS. The data which is sensed by GPS includes pothole and hump location in the form of latitude, longitude, which is stored in the server. This gives information to the government authorities about the correct position. So that, government can take all possible decisions related to maintenance as early as possible and avoid accidents based on data provided by the GPS. Once the problem will be rectified the database updates accordingly and alerts or notification is given through short message service
doi:10.35940/ijitee.g4946.059720 fatcat:p3ixgll7xrcazcbqjtbpfh6fri