wiramarnia, Rusdinal, Hade Afriansyah
2019 unpublished
This study aims to describe a number of things that include planning processes for improving management quality through school programs, the process of implementing school programs, evaluating school programs, constraints and solving problems encountered in implementing strategies to improve management quality through school programs. The type of research used is case study research using a qualitative approach. In case study research, researchers go directly to the field to observe and explore
more » ... data from research objects. Data collection is done using interview techniques, observations, field notes and documentation. Based on the results of data analysis, the following conclusions are obtained. First, planning activities for improving the quality of management through school programs is a design to follow up on previous programs after program evaluation. Secondly, the programs included religious formation, intelligent child development, sympathetic teacher formation, and the creation of a beautiful environment. Third, supervision of program implementation is carried out internally and externally. Fourth, the constraints faced in implementing school programs to improve the quality of education management are the management of human resources and management of facilities and infrastructure that are still weak so that it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of school programs and make improvements with more disciplined management of human resources and management school facilities and infrastructure.
doi:10.31227/ fatcat:ldkzkzrq2jai3arvf4euqdznz4