Distinguishing cancerous from noncancerous cells through analysis of electrical noise

D. C. Lovelady, T. C. Richmond, A. N. Maggi, C.-M. Lo, D. A. Rabson
2007 Physical Review E  
Since 1984, electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) has been used to monitor cell behavior in tissue culture and has proven sensitive to cell morphological changes and cell motility. We have taken ECIS measurements on several cultures of non-cancerous (HOSE) and cancerous (SKOV) human ovarian surface epithelial cells. By analyzing the noise in real and imaginary electrical impedance, we demonstrate that it is possible to distinguish the two cell types purely from signatures of their
more » ... natures of their electrical noise. Our measures include power-spectral exponents, Hurst and detrended fluctuation analysis, and estimates of correlation time; principal-component analysis combines all the measures. The noise from both cancerous and non-cancerous cultures shows correlations on many time scales, but these correlations are stronger for the non-cancerous cells.
doi:10.1103/physreve.76.041908 pmid:17995027 fatcat:b47pa6xsm5eetjggj5vkkbckyi