Tavşanlarda Oral Levotiroksin Sodyum Uygulamasının Serum Bakır Konsantrasyonu Üzerine Etkileri
The Effects of Oral Levothyroxine Sodium Application on Serum Copper Concentration in Rabbits

2009 Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi  
This study was carried out to determine the effect of oral Levothyroxine Sodium (T4) applications with oral CuSO4 (0.1%) on serum copper (Cu) concentration. Forty male New Zealand rabbits (6 month-old, weighing 2.29±0.06 kg) were allocated to four groups. All groups received 0.1% CuSO4 (*5H2O) (Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate M102787) in drinking water with the beginning of the study. T4 was applied orally to three experimental groups at the doses of 1.67, 3.33 and 6.67 μg/kg-BW/day except
more » ... g-BW/day except control group. Serum Cu measurements were performed by Atomic Absorption Spectrometer equipped with Flame system. Serum Cu levels were increased on the following days and correlated with applied dose of T4 (r=0.832, P<0.001). The T4 affected serum Cu level with minimum r 2 =56.9% and P<0.001. The effect of time was found significant on serum Cu levels (P<0.001). There was also an interaction between time and groups on serum Cu levels (P<0.001). Consequently, T4 caused an increase in serum Cu level at second day and this increase continued on the following days..
doi:10.9775/kvfd.2009.455 fatcat:pcu5vyvopvfrtnnkega3tlnlay