Engineering Mesoporous NiO with Enriched Electrophilic Ni3+ and O− toward Efficient Oxygen Evolution

Xiu Liu, Zhi-Yuan Zhai, Zhou Chen, Li-Zhong Zhang, Xiu-Feng Zhao, Feng-Zhan Si, Jian-Hui Li
2018 Catalysts  
Tremendous efforts have been devoted to develop low-cost and highly active electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Here, we report the synthesis of mesoporous nickel oxide by the template method and its application in the title reaction. The as-prepared mesoporous NiO possesses a large surface area, uniform mesopores, and rich surface electrophilic Ni3+ and O− species. The overpotential of meso-NiO in alkaline medium is 132 mV at 10 mA cm−1 and 410 mV at 50 mA cm−1, which is much
more » ... maller than that of the other types of NiO samples. The improvement in the OER activity can be ascribed to the synergy of the large surface area and uniform mesopores for better mass transfer and high density of Ni3+ and O− species favoring the nucleophilic attack by OH− to form a NiOOH intermediate. The reaction process and the role of electrophilic Ni3+ and O− were discussed in detail. This results are more conducive to the electrochemical decomposition of water to produce hydrogen fuel as a clean and renewable energy.
doi:10.3390/catal8080310 fatcat:aa7ravfbybafde2sid2if5hhsm