Sweta Kesur
2014 International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science   unpublished
Due to sudden change in Climatic condition, modifications to natural water flows, population, pesticides and pollution have affected various regions in one way or another which is making a very adverse effect on water. It is not just about an issue of clean water in one small remote region, it's an issue already facing billions of people in many cities and rural areas around the world. In some countries, the situations have already reached critical mass, with people disfigured and dying because
more » ... d and dying because of lack of quality water. It is estimated that every day, water takes the lives of over 14,000 people and the problem threatens to get even worse today in India. Same is the situation in Surat, where the Tapi river water is supplied all over the regions of Surat and the quality of water is getting poor day by day due to the water scarcity. So focusing on the problem I came up with the idea that we should keep one centre on each area of the Surat city and that centres should be given to many of the different water purifier companies and they will give two lines of water supply one for drinking water and another with removed impurities but not as pure as drinking water. So each and every region of Surat gets the water supply through their nearby allocated areas. Depending on the economic condition of any family they can take both lines of water purification or any one of them This technique leads the government, purifier companies and public all in profit and also operation research technique is used to make least cost for transportation. Using this technique we can improve the quality of water by 100% and we can save 14,000 lives every day.