Efficient Current Injection Into Single Quantum Dots Through Oxide-Confined p-n-Diodes

Markus Kantner, Uwe Bandelow, Thomas Koprucki, Jan-Hindrik Schulze, Andre Strittmatter, Hans-Jurgen Wunsche, Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
Current injection into single quantum dots embedded in vertical p-n-diodes featuring oxide apertures is analyzed in the low-injection regime suitable for single-photon emitters. The experimental and theoretical evidence is found for a rapid lateral spreading of the carriers after passing the oxide aperture in the conventional p-i-n-design. By an alternative design employing p-doping up to the oxide aperture, the current spreading can be suppressed resulting in an enhanced current confinement
more » ... increased injection efficiencies, both, in the continuous wave and under pulsed excitation.
doi:10.34657/8163 fatcat:jzhe6wgbibgndlrji57dp6xqt4