Molecular epidemiology of globalCandida dubliniensisisolates utilizing genomic-wide, co-dominant, PCR-based markers for strain delineation

M. J. McCullough, G. Hepworth, I. Gordon, K. V. Clemons, D. A. Stevens
2009 Medical Mycology  
The molecular epidemiology of Candida dubliniensis has been studied using large complex DNA probes for Southern analysis and has revealed the existence of distinct genotypes within this species. The aim of the present study was to utilize a PCR-based analysis of molecular co-dominant markers to assess the relatedness of a global and temporally diverse collection of well characterized isolates of C. dubliniensis . Sixty-two C. dubliniensis strains were collected from the authors of previously
more » ... lished studies. Co-dominant PCR-based markers utilizing fi ve separate PCR fi ngerprints were obtained in the present investigation. Phylogenetic and statistical analyses utilizing permutation tests were undertaken to assess correlations amongst the isolates. Three distinct PCRgroups were observed and there was evidence that strains isolated since 1990 were genotypically more similar to each other than they were to strains recovered prior to 1990.
doi:10.3109/13693780802641912 pmid:19353373 fatcat:yrzyh35k2jdurjyoad3rh4xi4y