Crystallization of Brownian Particles from Walls Induced by a Uniform External Force

Masahide Sato, Hiroyasu Katsuno, Yoshihisa Suzuki
2013 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
Keeping the formation of colloidal crystal under a centrifugal force in mind, we study ordering of Brownian particles induced by a uniform external force. When the uniform external force is added, the particles move in the direction of the external force and the density of particles near walls becomes high. Ordering of particles starts on the walls, and successively ordering in bulk occurs near the walls. In bulk, both domains of the face-centered cubic structure and the hexagonal close-packed
more » ... gonal close-packed structure appear. By controlling the direction and the strength of the external force, the number of ordered particles and the distribution of cluster size are changed.
doi:10.7566/jpsj.82.084804 fatcat:lusalitervbevd3mmb5eqjnyry