Quantification of Clioquinol in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by Stability Indicating LC Method

Usmangani K. CHHALOTIYA, Kashyap K. BHATT, Dimal A. SHAH, Sunil L. BALDANIA, Mrunali R. PATEL
2014 Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
A rapid, specific and sensitive stability indicating reverse phase liigh perfonnance liquid chromato-grapliic method has been developed and validated for analy sis of clioquinol in both bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form. A Sunfire Clgs 4.5um colmnn with mobile phase containing acetonitrile-water pH 3 adjusted with 1% o- phosphoric acid (90:10, v/v) was used. The flow rate was 1.0 inL/min and effluents were moni-tored at 254mn. The retention time of clioquinol was 6.1 inin. Clioquinol püre
more » ... Clioquinol püre drug were subjected to acid and alkali hydrolysis, Chemical oxidation, dry heat degradation, and sun light degradation. The degraded product peaks were well resolved from the pme dmg peak with significant difference in their retention time values. Stressed samples were assayed using developed LC method. The proposed method was validated with respect to linearity, accuracy, precision and robustness. The method was successfully applied to the estimation of clioquinol in pharmaceutical dosage fornis. The method is suitable for the routine analysis of clioquinol in tablets and ointment
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