A Comparison of Student Growth Percentile and Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance

Cassandra Guarino, Mark Reckase, Brian Stacy, Jeffrey Wooldridge
2015 Statistics and Public Policy  
A Comparison of Growth Percentile and Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance * School districts and state departments of education frequently must choose between a variety of methods to estimating teacher quality. This paper examines under what circumstances the decision between estimators of teacher quality is important. We examine estimates derived from growth percentile measures and estimates derived from commonly used value-added estimators. Using simulated data, we examine how well the
more » ... stimators can rank teachers and avoid misclassification errors under a variety of assignment scenarios of teachers to students. We find that growth percentile measures perform worse than valueadded measures that control for prior year student test scores and control for teacher fixed effects when assignment of students to teachers is nonrandom. In addition, using actual data from a large diverse anonymous state, we find evidence that growth percentile measures are less correlated with value-added measures with teacher fixed effects when there is evidence of nonrandom grouping of students in schools. This evidence suggests that the choice between estimators is most consequential under nonrandom assignment of teachers to students, and that value-added measures controlling for teacher fixed effects may be better suited to estimating teacher quality in this case. JEL Classification: I20, J08, J24, J45
doi:10.1080/2330443x.2015.1034820 fatcat:ez5ikjnlrvcxrevndzqmniadnu