Nekang Nee Mbunda
Oral literature embodies and expresses the culture, history and the people's philosophy of life. It is therefore, a major source in identifying and resolving the gender-related problems exist within the Oku society. Women in Oku are viewed as bearing negative character traits. This negative presentation has gone a long way to reinforce the subjection of the woman; making it impossible for her to function as a contributing member of society. Feminism and deconstruction are employed in this
more » ... feminism, because it challenges the prevailing status quo and develops a counter-ideology and motivates people to demand changes in their lifestyles and deconstruction, because it aims to erase the boundary between binary oppositions. It is discovered that performers do not just restate traditional presentation of women but deconstruct traditional stereotypes and present assertive women who do not see themselves as docile, dependent and weaker but as tough, bold, courageous and fearless, and hence a force to reckon with.