Adaptive Online Extraction Method of Slot Harmonics for Multiphase Induction Motor

Jie Yu, Youjun Zhang, Hongyuan Shen, Xiaoqin Zheng
2022 Energies  
The accurate extraction and analysis of slot harmonics caused by slotting in an induction motor are important for the motor's performance evaluation and state monitoring. However, the frequency distribution of rotor slot harmonics (RSHs) varies along with the operating states of the motor, such as motor speed and slip ratio, and the voltage and current signals of the motor only contain small-amplitude RSHs compared with other harmonics; both make it difficult to extract and analyze the RSHs
more » ... rately online. While offline extraction and filters with constant parameters are mainly utilized in available works, a novel adaptive extraction method for RSHs in a multiphase induction motor is proposed here to realize online RSH extraction under different speed and load conditions. In this paper, the RSHs in the multiphase induction motors are firstly modeled by using the magnetic potential permeability method, and the influence of a skewed rotor on RSHs is analyzed through a multisection method. Then, an adaptive extraction method of RSHs is proposed, which can effectively realize the online processing of RSHs of stator current. Finally, the experimental platform of a nine-phase induction motor has been used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method under different speeds and load conditions, with a relative error of less than 1% in identifying the RSH frequency distribution.
doi:10.3390/en15186643 fatcat:exmeu5f2yjfvzmtufivqla2ep4