Prospective study of Lewis antigen alterations in the gastric precancerous process

J Torrado, P Correa, B Ruiz, D Zavala, J Bara
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention  
A prospective study with two gastric biopsies taken several years apart was carried out in 117 subjects with intestinal metaplasia who are of the Lewis(a-b+) phenotype. They are residents of a rural Andean region in Colombia displaying very high rates of gastric cancer. The anomalous expression of Lewis(a) antigens in the metaplastic epithelium carried a significantly increased risk of colonic metaplasia and dysplasia. Such risk was much higher when the simultaneous expression of sulfomucins and Lewis(a) antigen was observed.
pmid:1306106 fatcat:6qigi3guz5a4xm3ulxgn347j5u