IFE Chamber Technology – Status and Future Challenges

W. R. Meier, A. R. Raffray, S. I. Abdel-Khalik, G. L. Kulcinski, J. F. Latowski, F. Najmabadi, C. L. Olson, P. F. Peterson, A. Ying, M. Yoda
2003 Fusion science and technology  
Significant progress has been made on addressing critical issues for inertial &ion energy (IFE) chambers for heavy-ion, laser and Z-pinch diivers. A variety of chamber concepts are being investigated including drywall (currently favored for laser IFE), wetted-wall (applicable to both laser and ion drivers), and thickliquid-wall flmored by heavy ion and z-pinch drivers). Recent progress and remaining challenges in developing IFE chambers are reviewed.
doi:10.13182/fst03-a306 fatcat:3ld6lg3uhrd7lpg7bjqjigta74