Fabrication And In-Vitro Analysis Of Mouth Dissolving Tablets Of Ondansetron Using Water Insoluble Super Disintegrant

Jayendrakumar Patel, Shalin Parikh, Shwetaben Patel
2021 The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Research  
In the present time, a mouth dissolving tablets become popular over conventional oral solid dosage form as it overcome common problem associated with conventional oral tablet dosage form such as issue in swallowing tablets in paediatric as well as geriatric population as well as avoid first pass metabolism and provide quick onset of action as it starts to absorb directly from oral cavity. Ondansetron HCl is used to prevent nausea and vomiting. In case of vomiting as well as in nausea, drug must
more » ... require to act quickly to treat therapeutic condition of patient in need thereof. Therefore, combining Mouth dissolving technology with Ondansetron HCl as active pharmaceutical ingredient could be potential strategy to provide quick onset of action without swallowing entire tablet. Therefore, aim of the present research work is to fabricate mouth dissolving tablets of Ondansetron HCl using different concentration, i.e. 3%, 5% and 9%w/w, of different water insoluble super-disintegrants, namely Kollidon CL-SF, croscarmellose sodium and sodium starch glycolate. Batch F2 prepared using 6% Kollidon CL-SF with 2.5% sodium saccharine by direct compression method shown better taste masking as well as satisfied all mouth dissolving tablet criteria's. Thus, it was concluded that taste masked mouth dissolving tablets of Ondansetron HCl could be successfully formulated by direct compression methods using 6% Kollidon CL-SF as water insoluble super-disintegrant that can effectively provide quick onset of action by eliminating need of administration of entire dosage form.
doi:10.53049/tjopam.2021.v001i01.003 fatcat:trhhw3x7t5hvljp6wsxbr4ztaq