Influence of baking on anthocyanin content in coloured-grain wheat bread

Marie Eliášová, Zora Kotíková, Jaromír Lachman, Matyáš Orsák, Petr Martinek
2020 Plant, Soil and Environment  
Composition and degradation of anthocyanins in blue and purple grain wheat during bread production were investigated using the HPLC-MS/MS method. The most abundant anthocyanins were delphinidin-3-rutinoside (blue grain wheat), cyanidin-3-glucoside and peonidin-3-glucoside (purple grain wheat). Peonidin-3-glucoside was also the most stable during grain treatment while delphinidin-3-glucoside had the greatest loss. Both blue and purple grain anthocyanins decreased significantly during bread
more » ... tion to 41.81% and 70.10% after baking, respectively, and to 24.21% and 60.00% after short-term storage, respectively. The blue grain wheat anthocyanins were lost mostly during baking, but in the purple grain wheat, the greatest decrease occurred during dough production. Despite the higher degradation, the blue grain wheat still showed higher anthocyanins content.
doi:10.17221/210/2020-pse fatcat:hjw3yasncfcjbmeyoemgj5f5ma