The genetic code, algebra of projection operators and problems of inherited biological ensembles [article]

Sergey Petoukhov
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This article is devoted to applications of projection operators to simulate phenomenological properties of the molecular-genetic code system. Oblique projection operators are under consideration, which are connected with matrix representations of the genetic coding system in forms of the Rademacher and Hadamard matrices. Evidences are shown that sums of such projectors give abilities for adequate simulations of ensembles of inherited biological phenomena including ensembles of biological
more » ... morphogenetic ensembles of phyllotaxis patterns, mirror-symmetric patterns, etc. For such modeling, the author proposes multidimensional vector spaces, whose subspaces are under a selective control (or coding) by means of a set of matrix operators on base of genetic projectors. Development of genetic biomechanics is discussed. The author proposes and describes special systems of multidimensional numbers under names united-hypercomplex numbers, which attracted his attention when he studied genetic systems and genetic matrices. New rules of long nucleotide sequences are described on the base of the proposed notion of tetra-groups of equivalent oligonucleotides. Described results can be used for developing algebraic biology, bio-technical applications and some other fields of science and technology.
arXiv:1307.7882v9 fatcat:qgqqxdnx45bmvgxuahc2ptaapi