The Characteristics of National Land Studies in 'Early Social Studies' ― A focus on the Interface between the Citizenship Nurturing and National Education
初期社会科における国土学習の特質 ― 市民性育成と国民教育の接合に着目して ―

Masashi KAKUDA
Shakaika kenkyu  
The purpose of this research is to discuss how social studies education should deal with national education policies and government guidelines for education and textbook screening. As the government is strengthening its intervention in education, what is required in social studies research is strategic thinking toward the government by neither submitting to the government nor by challenging it. It is important to show what arrangements are possible in the content determined by the government
more » ... what classes are close to the ideal for social studies. For example, for the theme, "the national land," the treatment of which was enhanced due to a political request, a strategic approach is required through an investigation as to how this theme has been treated in past curriculum and textbooks and what other social studies approaches are possible. This approach can contribute to the expansion of the view of social studies for the teachers who arrange these classes, and it can lead to a clear raison d'être for social studies research. The purpose of this research is to show an ideal state for national land studies within social studies as well as the ideal state for social studies research that deals with the government through an analysis of the characteristics of national land studies in 'early social studies' based on a confirmation of identity and citizenship and also an investigation as to the connection between building national consciousness and nurturing desirable citizenship. Keywords : citizenship, a nation, early social studies, studies of the national land, the government and the research for social studies 教育への介入を強める国家との関係において,今,社会科教育学研究に求められるのは,国家への「追 従」でも,国家への「挑戦」でもなく,国家に対する「戦略的な思考」ではないだろうか。国家が定め た内容をどのようにアレンジすることが可能なのか,その内容をどのように授業にすることが社会科の 理想に近づいていくことになるのか,などを示すことが必要である。例えば,政治的要請の影響を受け やすい一方で,国土に関する知識を自明のものとして教授することが多い「国土学習」について,過去 のカリキュラムや教科書ではどのように扱ってきたのか,社会科授業としてどのような扱い方が可能な のか,などにあえてアプローチすることは,授業づくりに対する社会科教師の視野を広げるとともに, 社会科教育学研究の存在意義を示すことにつながるだろう。本研究においては, 「個の確立」と「市民性」 を基底にした初期社会科における国土学習の特質を分析し,求められる国民意識の醸成と望ましい市民 性の育成とがいかに接合されていたのかを見ることで,社会科らしい国土学習のあり方を示すとともに, 国家と向き合う社会科教育学研究の一つのあり方を示した。 キーワード:市民性,国民,初期社会科,国土学習,国家と社会科教育学研究
doi:10.20799/jerasskenkyu.84.0_25 fatcat:rl2jupcddbg6bcp6wbgyqbtmwe