Using stress to disambiguate spoken Thai sentences containing syntactic ambiguity

S. Potisuk, M.P. Harper, J. Gandour
Proceeding of Fourth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing. ICSLP '96  
We h a v e developed a Bayesian classier to determine whether syllables in connected Thai speech are weakly or strongly stressed by using ve acoustic parameters: syllable rhyme duration, mean F0, F 0 standard deviation, mean energy, and the standard deviation of the energy. With speaker-dependent data normalization, we a c hieved a classication accuracy of 99%. The classication accuracy drops to 96% when we used speaker-independent normalization. We h a v e also developed prosodic constraints
more » ... at can use this stress information to syntactically disambiguate a class of ambiguous sentences that arise from the use of compounding in spoken Thai.
doi:10.1109/icslp.1996.607723 fatcat:dbs6wt5mj5bxpjys5v2wiwoegy