Statistical Characteristics of the First Passage Time Analysis for the Gene Regulatory Circuit in Bacillus subtilis by Cell Mapping Method

Liang Wang, Minjuan Yuan, Shichao Ma, Xiaole Yue, Ying Zhang
2020 Complexity  
In this paper, we will explore the stochastic exit problem for the gene regulatory circuit in B. subtilis affected by colored noise. The stochastic exit problem studies the state transition in B. subtilis (from competent state to vegetative state in this case) through three different quantities: the probability density function of the first passage time, the mean of first passage time, and the reliability function. To satisfy the Markov nature, we convert the colored noise system into the
more » ... stem into the equivalent white noise system. Then, the stochastic generalized cell mapping method can be used to explore the stochastic exit problem. The results indicate that the intensity of noise and system parameters have the effect on the transition from competent to vegetative state in B. subtilis. In addition, the effectiveness of the stochastic generalized cell mapping method is verified by Monte Carlo simulation.
doi:10.1155/2020/3062859 fatcat:2o2tpbulorbq5hbmy36u6spyxy