Mercury Sulfide and Silver Sulfide Based Hg(II) Sensitive Solid State Ion Selective Electrode

Mustafa Tastekin, Eren Cantay
2008 Main Group Metal Chemistry  
This study is related to the development of a new solid state membrane ion-selective electrode for Hg (II) ions. The membrane was prepared by the amalgamation of metallic mercury with metallic silver powder and this solid amalgam was finely ground, mixed with Na 2 C0 3 , K 2 C0 3 and elemental sulfur and was burned in nitrogen atmosphere in a glass container with a strong burner flame for six hours. The resulting mercury and silver sulfides were pressed into a 10 mm diameter and 0.2 mm thick
more » ... and 0.2 mm thick membrane. The Hg (II) sensitive electrode prepared was found to have a slope of 29.5 ± 0.6 mV/pHg, detection range of 1.0 χ 10" 1 -1.0 χ 10" 6 , response time of 15-30 s and electrode lifetime of 18 months. Among the ten cations studied (Ag + , Al 3+ , Cd 2+ , Cu 2+ , Co 2+ , Fe 3+ , K + , Ni 2+ , Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , Ba 2+ , Pb 2+ ), only Ag + was observed to have a disruptive effect upon the performance of the electrode. The electrode was used in the determination of mercury in various dental filling materials titrating with EDTA and the results were compared with the spectral data.
doi:10.1515/mgmc.2008.31.6.331 fatcat:etedwhvek5eybb2b6rjroldxdm