A region of mouse chromosome 16 is syntenic to the DiGeorge, velocardiofacial syndrome minimal critical region

N Galili, H S Baldwin, J Lund, R Reeves, W Gong, Z Wang, B A Roe, B S Emanuel, S Nayak, C Mickanin, M L Budarf, C A Buck
1997 Genome Research  
DGS and VCFS, haploinsufficiencies characterized by multiple craniofaciai and cardiac abnormalities, are associated with a microdeletion of chromosome 22qU.2. Here we document synteny between a 150-kb region on mouse chromosome 16 and the most commonly deleted portion of 22q11.2. Seven genes, all of which are transcribed in the early mouse embryo, have been identified. Of particular interest are two serine/threonine
doi:10.1101/gr.7.1.17 pmid:9037598 fatcat:z7urtilhprepvd6txvnzoitz6u