Face Verification Across Age Progression

N. Ramana, R. Chellappa
2006 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Human faces undergo considerable amount of variations with aging. While studies have revealed the extent to which factors such as illumination variations, pose variations, facial expression and occlusions affect face recognition, the role of natural factors such as aging effects in affecting the same are yet to be studied. How does age progression affect the similarity between two images of an individual ? What is the confidence associated with establishing the identity between two age
more » ... en two age separated face images of an individual ? On a database of pairs of passport images, we study similarity of faces as a function time. We propose a Bayesian age-difference classifier that is built on a probabilistic eigenspaces framework. Since age separated face images invariably differ in illumination and have facial variations due to aging, we propose a method to overcome non uniform illumination across face images. The problem discussed in this paper has direct applications in passport renewal and homeland security.
doi:10.1109/tip.2006.881993 pmid:17076395 fatcat:tt7dfschgbhmrl3mvexyyi47xq