Status of the variable momentum compaction storage ring experiment in SPEAR

P. Tran, A. Amiry, C. Pellegrini, J. Corbett, M. Cornacchia, M. Lee, H.-D. Nuhn, H. Winick, D. Wu, A. Hofmann, D. Robin
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
Variable momentum compaction lattices have been proposed for electron-positron colliders and synchrotron radiation sources to control synchrotron tune and bunch length. To address questions of single particle stability limits, a study has been initiated to change the SPEAR lattice into a variable momentum compaction configuration for experimental investigation of the beam dynamics. In this paper, we describe a model-based method used to transform SPEAR from the injection lattice to the low
more » ... ice to the low momentum compaction configuration. Experimental observations of the process are reviewed.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.308975 fatcat:t3zwugtw2bctncncfwmrfyylfm