Who is this Explanation for? Human Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs for eXplainable AI [article]

Irene Celino
2020 arXiv   pre-print
eXplainable AI focuses on generating explanations for the output of an AI algorithm to a user, usually a decision-maker. Such user needs to interpret the AI system in order to decide whether to trust the machine outcome. When addressing this challenge, therefore, proper attention should be given to produce explanations that are interpretable by the target community of users. In this chapter, we claim for the need to better investigate what constitutes a human explanation, i.e. a justification
more » ... the machine behaviour that is interpretable and actionable by the human decision makers. In particular, we focus on the contributions that Human Intelligence can bring to eXplainable AI, especially in conjunction with the exploitation of Knowledge Graphs. Indeed, we call for a better interplay between Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Social Sciences, Human Computation and Human-Machine Cooperation research -- as already explored in other AI branches -- in order to support the goal of eXplainable AI with the adoption of a Human-in-the-Loop approach.
arXiv:2005.13275v1 fatcat:nmmv6loaebfrfjcg5sv4pwar6m