Empirical Study on Modeling of People Behavior in Emergency

Ilya I. Viksnin, Julia Lyakhovenko, Nikita Tursukov, Sergey Chuprov, Ekaterina Sozinova
2019 Majorov International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems  
In this paper, we propose an advanced model and experimental study results considering an unorganized group behavior in case of an emergency. An approach to simulation of human behavior is based on the Dirk Helbing and Peter Molnar Social Force Model. This model depends on the informational impact on the individual behavior of group agents. The proposed model is adapted for crowd behavior simulation in emergencies. The model implies the behavior of an agent when it tries to determine the
more » ... direction to a safe place at any point in time. When the agent chooses the direction of movement, it takes into account both the number of people around, the average traffic of the crowd, and the presence of a nearby source of danger. Based on the model, a crowd behavior simulator was implemented in the AnyLogic simulation software, which reproduced the behavior of people during the tragedy at the Lame horse nightclub (December 5, 2009) in Perm, Russia. To verify our approach we conducted three groups of simulations and compared our model with the existing method of group behavior in a multi-level branched room, and with the method of moving agents along the shortest path. The results, obtained by the proposed model, most closely match the real data on the tragedy.
dblp:conf/micsecs/ViksninLTCS19 fatcat:chcebmn2ifgppdxyqblpnsj544