Factors associated with health facility delivery in Kitui County: a cross sectional study

Mathew Munyamaara Mutiiria, Gabriel Gatimu Mbugua, Doris Marwanga
2020 F1000Research  
High maternal mortality rate is a major public health concern in developing countries. Skilled birth delivery is central to reducing maternal mortality, yet health facility delivery remains low in Kitui County, Kenya. Our study estimated prevalence of unskilled delivery and identified factors associated with health facility delivery in Kitui County. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted December 2017-February 2018. 245 women from five administrative wards were interviewed. A structured
more » ... iewed. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Variables that had p value ≤0.05 in bivariate analysis were included in multivariable regression model to assess for confounders. Variables with a p value of ≤0.05 in multivariate analysis were considered statistically significant at 95% CI. Results: We interviewed 245 (240 analyzed) women from the five wards; the majority were 16-25 years age group (45.5%; 110/240). Mean age was 27±6.6 years. Prevalence of health facility delivery was 50.4%. Distance from a health facility, number of children in a household, occupation of the respondent's partner, number of antenatal clinic (ANC) visits and means of transport were significant factors for not delivering in a health facility. On multivariate analysis, women who lived >5km from health facility were less likely to deliver in a health facility (AOR =0.36; 95% CI 0.15- 0.86). Women who attended ≥ 4 ANC visits were 4 times more likely to deliver in a health facility (95% CI 2.01-8.79). Conclusions: More than half of the respondents delivered in a health facility. A long distance from the health facility is a hindrance to accessing ANC services. Inadequate ANC visits was associated with home delivery. Improving accessibility of health care services and health education on family planning would increase delivery at a health facility. We recommend Kitui County introduce five satellite clinics/ambulatory services for expectant women to access ANC and maternal services.
doi:10.12688/f1000research.23419.1 fatcat:wwjypgqysjht5odiq4zlixfise