Prevalence of HIV Infection among Individuals Referred to Consult Center of Behavior Diseases, West Health Center in Tehran, Iran

Mahin Makiani, Maryam Hosseinyrad, Khadijeh Khanaliha, Sholeh Tavkoli, Samira Sohrabi, Haleh Ahmadnia, Susan Taghizadeh, Khadijeh Khanaliha
2012 Infect Epidemiol Med. 2017 Spring   unpublished
Rapid test and conventional ELISA are common immunological assays used for the detection of HIV infection. In this study, we evaluated the prevalence rate of HIV infection by rapid test used for screening HIV infection and then confirmed the positive cases with ELISA and western blot tests. Results: Thirty seven out of 1964(1.88%) cases were confirmed as positive by rapid HIV test. All of the positive cases confirmed by rapid test were also confirmed as positive by ELISA and western blot tests.
more » ... According to the data analysis of this study, among people diagnosed as HIV positive using rapid test, 12(32.4%) cases had unsafe heterosexual contact, followed by 10 (27%) cases of IDUs with a history of prison, shared injection, and unsafe heterosexual contact. Conclusion: The use of rapid test as a screening test for diagnosing HIV infection and the confirmation of all the positive and suspected negative cases by the ELISA test or western blot is recommended.