Research on Port Competitiveness and Port and City Synergy in China's Bohai Rim

Jian Xing
2021 ICIC Express Letters  
Compared with other general enterprises, port enterprises have the unique characteristics of fixed geographic location, special economic status and natural monopoly of trade varieties. The Bohai Rim region is a relatively active economic zone in Asia, so this article selects Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port and Dalian Port and the hinterland: Shandong, Tianjin and Liaoning Province as the research objects, and other large coastal ports in China as the reference objects. We used entropy weight TOPSIS
more » ... ort competitiveness evaluation model combined and the dynamic panel data model to avoid the single-angle, single-dimension and single-subject problems prevailing in the study of port and hinterland relations. On this basis, we calculate and standardize the port location quotient, radiation intensity and cooperation degree of the port and city of the eight coastal node areas of China to characterize port contribution and port-hinterland synergy. The empirical research results show that the competitiveness of the three Bohai Rim ports has increased year by year, and the coordination between ports and hinterland has also increased year by year. However, compared with other large coastal port cities in China, the absolute and relative development speeds of the Bohai Rim areas are all slow.
doi:10.24507/icicel.15.11.1203 fatcat:46r3acx2cnhd3frwvrx3xsfgaa