Shivani Dubey, Sunayana Jain
2015 International Journal Of Advanced Technology In Engineering And Science Www.Ijates.Com   unpublished
A virtual machine is placed on a physical infrastructure with in a data center of a cloud operator. The virtual resources are moved from one physical machine to another physical machine at different locations, but at the same time multiple physical machines cannot access same type of virtual resources from one data center to another data center. In cloud computing, virtual resource move automatically to operator's infrastructure access the service user's demand. The multiple virtual machine
more » ... virtual machine over on a single physical server creates the performance challenges for access, thus the multiple virtual resources at the same time are used from one data center to another data center. This paper defines traditional techniques of logistics and ICT technologies, which are used to maintain the process of logistics management and presents virtualized cloud technologies. The paper proposes virtualized logistic system and has aim to integrate the virtualization techniques to provide better execution, real time data reduction, better performance and cost reduction to make suitable for multiple virtual machine.