Marian Omar, Josephine Miyonga, Marian Omar, Josephine Miyonga
2017 Print)   unpublished
The study intended to address the factors that determine the crime prevention in Somalia particularly Mogadishu. The research and its results will be used to make the local government of Mogadishu more aware of the threats and challenges that the society is facing and also to come up with valuable strategies that will reduce the crime rates of the city. It is hoped that the outcomes will lead to a substantial reduction in number of crime events of the city. Questionnaires were used with the
more » ... tions designed to be as open ended as possible to allow a wide variety of answers from respondents. The study also included wide-ranging recommendations to help the community curb youth crime. These include more education and awareness-raising among parents from the community to enable them to help their children. Overall, there is an urgent need to settle some of the youth who have come from the conflict areas. Efforts to reduce the crime should be done in order to fully integrate the society. Community awareness programs should be done in the media. Primary data was collected through the use of a questionnaire; it contained both open ended and closed ended questions. The open-ended questions were used to elicit views from the respondents on the subject under study. The closed-ended questions were used to limit the respondents' answers on the subject matter for easier analysis. Liker scale was used to collect specific matters related to the research in question. The questionnaires were self-administered to the residents of Mogadishu specifically Hodan district and picked on the spot. The data collected was edited for completeness and analyzed using statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22. The study used Pearson correlation to identify the relationship between crime prevention in Mogadishu Somalia. The study found out that there is a strong relationship between Education developments, Employment development agricultural development Social development, Social development and crime prevention in Mogadishu Somalia.