The Complex-Number Mortality Model (CNMM) based on orthonormal expansion of membership function

Andrzej Szymański, Agnieszka Rossa
2021 Statistics in Transition New Series  
The paper deals with a new fuzzy version of the Lee-Carter (LC) mortality model, in which mortality rates as well as parameters of the LC model are treated as triangular fuzzy numbers. As a starting point, the fuzzy Koissi-Shapiro (KS) approach is recalled. Based on this approach, a new fuzzy mortality model -CNMM -is formulated using orthonormal expansions of the inverse exponential membership functions of the model components. The paper includes numerical findings based on a case study with
more » ... e use of the new mortality model compared to the results obtained with the standard LC model.
doi:10.21307/stattrans-2021-026 fatcat:w7dboczxbrgffhsmloruewdsp4