Expansion of Hanford Works facilities [report]

J.S. Parker
1951 unpublished
Howver, the time allousd f o r this ~p o r t d3d not p m i 3 sn gcteaded exambation of all alternates. A p l o t plan, D-ng lo. H-1-3207, is attached and appears to pmsent one anaagement which is vel1 adapted to the terrain and pravides ready access for roads, ailro roads and pover supply frorc the 230 Kv loop. III W*NsKAL D'TSCKfPTION OF HAJOR FACILTTISS similar to existing 181 BxUdings, Housed in this structure vould be electrically d r i m vbrtical pmps, a separate grcup for aupplping raw
more » ... er to each of the filter plants; stern driven pzqs f o r emergency rau watar supply3 and both aleotrical ap1 a t e m ddmn 1 ptmps for e q o r t water bee. 183 Filter P l a n t s Tu0 filter plants uould be conatracted, orte for each 1OQ Area. BPl uater uould be deliverad to tb6 filter pllrnts frplo the 181 Pump House through uudergmund steel U e s . sach filter plant w u l d consist af
doi:10.2172/10119348 fatcat:24r6m5w3rfhv5ndzd47npecdfm