Construction and applications of knowledge graph of porphyry copper deposits

Yongzhang Zhou, Qianlong Zhang, Wenjie Shen, Fan Xiao, Yanlong Zhang, Shiwu Zhou, Yongjian Huang, Junjie Ji, Lei Tang, Chong Ouyang
2021 Earth sciences and subsoil use  
A knowledge graph is becoming popular due to its ability to describe the real world by using a graph language that can be understood by both humans and machines using computer technologies. A case study to construct the knowledge graph of porphyry copper deposits is presented in this paper. First of all, the raw text data is collected and integrated from selected porphyry copper deposits and porphyry-skarn copper deposits in the Qinzhou Bay – Hangzhou Bay metallogenic belt, South China. Second,
more » ... the text's entities, relations, and attributes are labeled and extracted with reference to the conceptual model of porphyry copper deposits in the study area. The third, a knowledge graph of porphyry copper deposits, was constructed using Neo4j 4.3. The resulted knowledge graph of porphyry copper deposit has the basic functions of an application. Furthermore, as part of a planned integrated knowledge graph from a single deposit, through an upper-geared metallogenic series, to a high-top metallogenic province, the understanding from the present study may be extended to mineral resource prospectivity and assessment beyond today. The interrelationship between the earth system, the metallogenic system, the exploration system, and the prospectivity and assessment (ES-MS-ES-PS) should be completely understood, and a knowledge graph system for ES-MS-ES-PS is needed. The key scientific and technological problems for achieving the ES-MS-ES-PS knowledge graph system are included in the progressively relative system of the domain ontology and knowledge graph of ES-MS-ES-PS, the automatic construction technology of complicated ESMS-ES-PS domain ontology and knowledge graph, the self-evolution and complementary techniques for multi-modal correlation data embedding in the ES-MS-ES-PS knowledge graph, and the knowledge graph, big data mining and artificial intelligence based on ES-resource prospectivity, and assessment theory, and methods.
doi:10.21285/2686-9993-2021-44-3-204-218 fatcat:7zur3kpelrejbmukwcxbzcfeke