Feline leukemia in modern metropolis
Лейкоз кошек в условиях современного мегаполиса

Ирина Гулюкина, Irina Gulyukina
2018 Russian veterinary journal  
The article presents the data of monitoring of the epizootic situation of viral leukemia in the Moscow's domestic cats' population and hematological indicators of FeLv-positive animals. The infection of cats with FeLV in the Moscow metropolis was 15.8 %. Given the sample size of the investigated animals (around 1000), it is possible to conclude that the high prevalence of FeLV in the population of cats. The nature of the territorial distribution of infected animals in the Moscow metropolis
more » ... a large incidence of the disease in the areas of New Moscow, where the animals may be kept in semi-content and also in CAD, SAD and NWAD.
doi:10.32416/article_5d1caf6656cdb2.21305129 fatcat:fx7natsejbdl5fvqgsddcbetom