Optimizing the extraction technology of antioxidant substancesfrom Daldinia concentrica by orthogonal experiments

Mo Gui-You, Wu Jiao-Qi, Ren Qing-Yuan, He Xin-Sheng, Huang Yi
This work aimed to optimize the extraction technology of antioxidant substances from Daldinia concentrica by orthogonal experiments. Using ultrasonic assisted extraction process, the effects of ethanol concentration, solid-liquid ratio, and extraction time on scavenging rate of DPPH radical were inspected. According to the result of single-factor experiment and the orthogonal design method, a L16(4 3 ) orthogonal table was used to study the ultrasonic extraction technology of antioxidant active
more » ... components from the Daldinia concentrica. Based on the analysis on the significance of each level and their interactions, the optimum extraction conditions were as follows: extraction time was 30 min, ethanol concentration was 100% and solid-liquid ratio was 3:100 (concentration was 30 mgmL -1 ). Under these conditions, the DPPH antioxidant activity of the extract was the highest (76.17%). The extraction process could provide theoretical and a practical reference for the development of antioxidant substances in Daldinia concentrica.
doi:10.14456/sjst-psu.2020.131 fatcat:7ly5or4zpjco5ofe2fgztzq7g4