Apurva Pathak
2015 Online) An Online International Journal Available at   unpublished
Microorganisms are ubiquitous in nature, when they present in air phase of atmosphere regarded as bioaerosols. Aerobiology is one of the branch of science under which all the aspects of airborne microorganism were studied. With the recent advancement of tools and techniques along with the origin of newer branch of engineering that is aerosol engineering; this branch of science received tremendous advancement both in terms of simplification of techniques and retrieval of all types of primary
more » ... ypes of primary airborne biological particles. The aim of this work was to compile the studies on bioaerosols, which were carried out in recent past, in the various branches of aerobiology with special emphasis on advancement of science. Literature search was conducted mainly by using the Google scholar, Google search engine, MEDLINE and PubMed databases, including articles published until October 2015. Despite of sincere efforts of aerobiologist, there exist lacunae in the structure and functioning of public health care delivery system with regard to both quality and quantification of the airborne microorganism in community environment and its confounding affect on aero-bio-pollutants. There is an urgent need to include these aero-bio-pollutants in air pollution parameters as adopted by various governments. This work can benefit the wider research community and policy makers by providing a concise overview of various aspects of the bio-aerosols.