PB51 電圧印加時のカイラルスメクチック液晶の螺旋構造と光学特性の解析(液晶フォトニクス・光デバイス,ポスター発表,2015年日本液晶学会討論会)
PB51 Analysis of optical properties of chiral smectic liquid crystal deformed by appluing voltage

Koki Matsuura, Kengo Kihara, Ryotaro Ozaki, Kazunori Kadowaki, Quoc Toan Duong, Hiroshi Moritake
2015 Preprints of symposium on liquid crystals  
Chiral liquid crystals, such as cholesteric liquid crystal or ferroelectric liquid crystal are expected to be a candidate of a tunable photonic crystal. These liquid crystals have a property of selective reflection. Ferroelectric liquid crystals have a full pitch band that does not exist in cholesteric liquid crystals. The bandwidth of the full pitch band becomes wider at highly oblique incidence. In this study, we calculate deformations in a helical structure of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
more » ... y applying voltage using continuum theory. Furthermore, we also calculate transmission spectra of the full pitch band of the ferroelectric liquid crystal with the helix deformation at oblique incidence.
doi:10.11538/ekitou.2015.0__pb51 fatcat:pfoob3yhefbh5oszd7xjoo6pgm