Improved Clasp for Machine Belts

1867 Scientific American  
The engravings represent a device for perforating that end of the cigar which is placed in the mouth, for the purpose of insuring a draft through the cigar, and for obviating the ne cessity of cutting off the end, which is apt to cause the wrap per to unroll much to the annoyance of tbe smoker. Fig. 1 shows the contrivance in perspective, and Fig. 2 in section. The base, A, is a block of wood or metal, or of any other suit able substance, in which are pivoted needles or spikes, on each of its
more » ... des, whether four or less. Sliding in a central, vertical recess is a movable block, B, which, after being de pressed, is lifted back to place by the spiral �pring, . C. This movable block has a recess conforming to the shape of the uncut end of a cigar, as seen in Fig. 2_ By placing the cigar in a vertical position in the sliding block, B, and pressing down upon it, the needles, D, in Fig. 2 , are forced in and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08241867-120a fatcat:wyojguposjdgpidcjqfpxoypua