Improved Broadcast Seeding Machine

1859 Scientific American  
Among the various devices for crushing sugar-cane which have been presented, from time to time, to the read ers of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, the mill represented in the accompanying engraving ranks as one of the cheap est, most compact, and simplest arrangements ever de vised for this purpose. Our engraving represents a perspective view of this mill , which consists of a frame, A, of cast iron, firmly bolted down to a suitable bed or fo undation, B. This frame forms the bearings for three
more » ... gs for three rollers, C D E, that arc ar ranged in a horizontal position, and in such a manner that the distance between the rollers, C and D, is somewhat larger than that between the rollers C and E, whereby the cane that enters between and is partly crushed by the first pair of rollers, C and D, is completely freed from juice as it passes through the second pair. The journal-boxes, a, of the roller, C, a&e adjustable; so, however, that the ratio between the distances of said roller from the other rollers is preserved.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09171859-192b fatcat:fxrovhlrnzalxpam4mkstgvmdy