Spatial Data analysis with NCL [article]

Jalal Uddin, Nishat Rayhana Eshita
2022 Zenodo  
of Class-02 (Spatial Data Analysis with NCL) Class Topics: Data Analysis with NCL Importing the necessary dataset Converting the given date using cd_calendar() command Reassigning the converted time coordinate with the associated variable Reordering the longitude coordinate variable using lonFlip() command Accessing to the data for a selected time Changing the unit of a variable Performing arithmetic operations Average Sum Minimum and maximum value Materials: Ubuntu NCL Notepad++/ Notepad
more » ... 02 materials – Necessary Preparation: Open the Ubuntu and follow the given steps: Print the current directory by press pwd and enter. Print the following command to change the directory,: cd /mnt/path Print the following command to check the list of files,: The following command is for knowing about the data ( ncl_filedump filename.nce.g. ncl_filedump [N.B. We should run code one by one by printing 'exit' after each code. Then we can remove and place it at the end of the next code for running it. ';' sign is used before putting necessary comments about the respective commands/ to stop a code from running or printing.]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5891739 fatcat:l2gr6eaiejezbkegycmni3hmeq