1850 Scientific American  
������==��= 5� ci=«rl �tt = i c= · =� =m �t t � i� t4� U=. ==�==���==� �� �� � by calling at the mills on Rock River, Illinois . For the Scientific American. with fu ll grown boilers, of their having been worked until they became perfectly dry, and nO explosion ensue.!. Why ? Because water and sa.tur ated steam was nQt present. For we contend, it just as much r equires water, s atqra ted and uns aturated stea.m to produce the in stantaneous explosive power, as it does nitre, sulphur and ch
more » ... sulphur and ch arcoal to form gunpowder. We must, with all dne deference, say the experi ment was a failure, and was hastily passed over without meeting with the attention it de served. It was evident to the gentlemen com posing the committee, that steam, when high ly ch arged with heat, loses its elasticity or ex pansive power, and the differenees were so
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03231850-211 fatcat:uvlyneelijeppiw7rnwentzhnm