Chicago Public Schools School Utilization Community Meetings Session Notes Date/Time of Meeting: Network: Schools represented by audience

Tuesday, February, Garfield-Humboldt Park, Beidler, Calhoun, Cameron
Round: I Disclaimer: The following are notes of the discussions in the individual break-out sessions. They do not provide verbatim records or a comprehensive summary of what was said. Also, these notes do not represent the point-of-view of the facilitators or of CPS personnel. Any questions about these notes should be addressed to CPS staff. Notes from General/Main Session: Alderman Chandler: We should be here talking about how we need more resources in our school; libraries in every school.
more » ... in every school. Alderman Fioretti: Made three recommendations six weeks ago and they still hold true tonight: 1. We should not close any schools at this time. 2. We should stop the expansion of charter schools until this is resolved. 3. If you go down the perilous path of closing schools: dangerous because of gang lines. example: Sueter-a magnet school at Washington has been on lockdown twice recently. Alderman: We should be taking about being under resourced not underutilization Beidler  Resident/Product of school; Wife is volunteer at school: goal is the keep a school that belongs in the community open. Our school is academically able to prepare our students.  Retired principal: Our community; majority of us were born and raised here which is like closing the door on our front porch. Students need local school they can attend daily without worry of crossing gang lines. Leave our children in our community. Beidler has been down this road before. We already took God out of the schools; let's not take our children out of the schools Calhoun North  Principal: come on behalf of parents, students, community, and staff. Know what you are interrupting. Past 13 years: we have been growing and meeting standards; above district and the state in reading and math. Consolidation would affect parents; generations of parents are the pillars of the school community; it would interrupt children's lives  LSC: Kids know the gang bangers in the school. Will have to cross too many gang turfs. Top school here is on the West side. Have already fought back against being underperforming and under