Application of furan derivatives in organic coatings

PENG Wan-jun, DING Ji-heng, CHEN Hao, YU Hai-bin
2019 Journal of Materials Engineering  
With the increase in environmental awareness, reducing the use of petroleum-based materials has become a social consensus, so the researchers have been greatly interested in the bio-based furan derivatives which have a great potential for the applications in bio-based coatings, self-healing coatings and photocurable coatings because of their unique properties. However, there is no mature study in our country. Based on this, the application in bio-based coatings, self-repair coatings and other
more » ... atings was summarized in this paper, and then the recent research achievements of furan derivatives in organic coatings at home and abroad were introduced and analyzed, and the difficulties in the large-scale application of furan derivatives were pointed out as follows:the high production cost. Finally, other applications of furan derivatives were analysed and prospected, for example, utilizing furan methyl glycidyl ether as reactive diluent of epoxy coatings to replace commercial petroleum-based reactive diluent and non-covalent modifying graphene using the delocalized π bond of furan ring for preparing graphene/organic coatings composites.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2017.000820 doaj:826b503db1c246efbbcbe894ce064f0e fatcat:wdcnq5fkdjezzjztjiakeazubu