Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests: Automata Learning [article]

Stefan Zetzsche, Alexandra Silva, Matteo Sammartino
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests (GKAT) is the fragment of Kleene Algebra with Tests (KAT) that arises by replacing the union and iteration operations of KAT with predicate-guarded variants. GKAT is more efficiently decidable than KAT and expressive enough to model simple imperative programs, making it attractive for applications to e.g. network verification. In this paper, we further explore GKAT's automata theory, and present GL*, an algorithm for learning the GKAT automaton representation
more » ... a black-box, by observing its behaviour. A complexity analysis shows that it is more efficient to learn a representation of a GKAT program with GL* than with Angluin's existing L* algorithm. We implement GL* and L* in OCaml and compare their performances on example programs.
arXiv:2204.14153v2 fatcat:rs3ad4kdn5cidauhm7d6h7lfum